Inside our Tiny Home on Wheels

We thought we’d do a slightly different blog to show you around our van. 

We have around 6.5 square metres of living space, we’re lucky to have a big van as it really feels like we take our home with us wherever we go, being able to park up open the doors and step out into a new back garden every day is truly awesome.

Lounge/Dining Area

When you first enter the van we have a swivel chair which faces forward when driving or can be turned to meet a removable table along opposite the three seat bench.

Under the middle bench seat there’s a storage area we use for shoes, this spot can also be used to hold the table, there’s also additional storage under the other two seats.



On the other side of the van there is the kitchen area, which has a sink with a glass cover and a tap that gives hot and cold water. Underneath there’s more storage, this is where we keep all of our cleaning equipment and cutlery.

Opposite the sink we have the cooking areas, there’s a 4 ring hob, grill and oven unit. Above here there is overhead hinged storage where we store mugs, glasses bowls and general kitchen items.



The bathroom is a little bit like an all in one toilet, shower and sink unit, this means, that if you really wanted to you could shower whilst using the toilet. I guess you might also call it a wet room.

We use a Thetford Cassette toilet that we empty every couple of days, it was really important to us to have a toilet and shower in this van, as it was something we really missed when we had our smaller van in Australia.


At the back of the van, we have our fixed king size bed. In terms of storage there are four overhead cupboards above the bed area and one full length wardrobe. We wanted to be able to look out the back of the van from our bed so we cut hinged doors in the rear wall. Under the bed is the garage which we can access via the van or from the rear outside doors.


The Boring Bits

On the roof we have two solar panels, which provide us with enough energy to not require campsites and mains electric. We also have an electric invertor for power, this draws power from the car batteries and is linked to the plug sockets dotted around the van.

For gas there’s an LPG tank under the van that we can top up directly at a fuel station. We use gas for the cooker and to operate the fridge when not driving.

Our water comes from two tanks, one external tank, and one in the garage that’s insulated to stop it from freezing.

This coming winter will be our first in the van, so we’re looking forward to testing out the diesel heater which simply runs off diesel used to run the engine, this is then fed into the living area through vents dotted around.

To see more, check out our full van tour video below!




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