A Whistle Stop Tour of Copenhagen

Upon departing the ferry in the Danish port of Rodby our excitement levels for Copenhagen were already hitting the van roof. We’d heard lots about this quaint capital city from friends and family, from their descriptions we envisioned, cobbled streets, colourful houses and cool people.

Our first night in Denmark we parked about an hours drive from the city itself, we woke early the next day and headed straight to our camp spot. We managed to find, what turned out to be our favourite spot to park yet, right on the water with views overlooking a small harbour and a short walk to Copenhagen’s main beach. 


The colourful houses of Nyhavn

Upon consulting a map we realised we were actually around 3 miles from the city centre, ordinarily on a city break this wouldn’t be ideal, but as we were soon to find out Copenhagen is no ordinary city, here bicycles rule the road. The series of bike lanes and carriageway’s that carry cyclists safely along the cities busiest roads and intersections are nothing short of astounding, it was only after a few minutes of riding that we came to the conclusion that most Copenhagen’s learn to ride before they walk.

Once we hit the city centre we discovered that Copenhagen’s main attractions are all located within about a handy 10 minute bike ride from one and other, due to our limited time frame, this made seeing everything a lot easier. Our first stop in the city was to the grand parliament building of Christiansborg Palace, from here we headed over to Nyhavn to grab a few snaps of the famous colourful houses, then it was onto another Palace, Amalienborg, the Royal Families residence. A stones through from here was Frederik’s Church and then out towards the harbour we found what is no doubt Copenhagen’s biggest crowd-pleaser. The 4 foot statue of the Little Mermaid, upon reflection this did leave us a little underwhelmed, however it was a nice spot to watch the crowds and enjoy our left over tuna pasta bake.


The Royal Families Residence has it’s own take on our Queens Guard.

After our whirl-wind city tour we headed back to our camp spot for a quick sunbathe at the local beach, yes sunbathing in Scandinavia is in fact possible.

As the day grew on, and we turned from pale to slightly pink, our minds drifted towards dinner, we’d read online about a pop up street food market called Reffen which was located in the Harbour. Being Londoners, we always get a little over excited when hearing the words, pop up, or street food so were eager to try this one out.

Reffen didn’t disappoint, despite Christie spilling a £7 craft beer after just a couple of sips, we devoured a Danish delicacy; crispy pulled pork bun followed by salted caramel and coconut crepe. Suitable stuffed we got back onto our bikes and headed back into town.


The awesome pulled pork bun!

After stopping at a couple of bars and soaking up the outdoor atmosphere around the canals, we headed home via Copenhagen’s alternative neighbourhood Christiana. 

Upon arriving back at camp we worked out we’d notched up around 20 miles each on the bikes, we were now firmly of the belief that in Copenhagen, the bicycle is King.

The next morning we woke early and headed back into town to explore a few more of the colourful streets and take some photos. We also visited Cub coffee shop, which would have rivalled anything in London in levels of coolness. 

Unfortunately the time had now come to leave Copenhagen, which we did with very heavy hearts, made all the heavier by the surprise £105 toll to cross the bridge into Sweden!

2 thoughts on “A Whistle Stop Tour of Copenhagen

  1. Kim Wyatt says:

    Loved reading this piece together with the photos. You achieved so much in a short time and could feel your enjoyment in the writing. Has whet my appetite to visit one day.xx


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