48 Hours In The Black Forest

The first week of our trip we spent travelling up through western Germany, entering from Strasbourg in the south and leaving via Hamburg in the North. First on our agenda was exploring the Black Forest, we only had a limited amount of time to get to grips with this vast area but managed to cram quite a bit in, heres a round up of our greatest hits tour.


We crossed the border in the late afternoon and headed straight for Freiburg, we’d heard this medieval town was known as the gateway to the Black Forest, we’d also had a tip that it had a great reputation for beer, after a long days driving we were eager to put this reputation to the test!

We found a great camp spot on the edge of town and took the tram into the city centre, the towns Munster (which is German for Minster, i.e very large church) was definitely worth the visit, even with the viewing tower being closed for renovations.

Freiburg is made up of many narrow and winding streets, which makes it easy to loose your way, especially after a couple of the local weisse beers. Our favourite came from the Feierling Brewery.


The next morning with slightly heavy heads we ventured deeper into the forest, we were met with rolling hills, death defying mounting passes and miles upon miles of pine trees.

Next on our hit list was lake Titissee, we knew little about this lakeside resort, except it’s unusual name. After a drive round town and a few 8 point turns we eventually found a parking spot and unloaded the bikes. The lake itself has the most perfect cycling trail running around the perimeter, it’s around 3 miles in total and if tackled clockwise starting in town only a small amount is uphill.


We were in the Black Forest for 2 full days in total, during which we also visited the small village of Triburg and it’s impressive waterfalls, Triburg is also famous for it’s black forest cake, which, I think due to the large amount of Kirsch was just what we needed after all the walking we had done. Head to Cafe Schafer for a traditional slice of the cake and a cup of coffee!


On our way to our evening camp spot on day 2 we had one more place to visit, once again beer related, the Alpirsbacher Brewery. We had a a quick pint in the very quiet brewery bar then headed to the bottle shop to purchase a 6 pack of their finest pilsener.

We left the Black Forest to head north after another day of breathtaking views.

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