Our First Taste Of Van Life

Back in 2011 we took a trip to Australia, within a couple of weeks we got jobs working at a remote pub in the Daintree Rainforest area of Far North Queensland. After a few months of working and saving we noticed a camper van had come up for sale in a nearby village, one of the pub’s regulars mentioned this would be a great way to see more of Australia and get off the infamous backpackers trail.

We didn’t toy with the idea for very long, a few days later we were the proud new owners of a 1981 Toyota Hiace pop top. Compared to our current vehicle, we carried out very few renovations to the van – the guy we bought it from even left pots of salt and pepper! 


259825_10150281461035269_4338992_n                                                       Meet Henry The Hiace

After finishing our four months work at the pub, we set off on the road. No plan, just the vast, long straight roads Australia had to offer. It’s safe to say our first taste of van life was eventful. We broke down countless times, ended up on the back of about a dozen tow trucks and on one occasion even had to hitch hike to a petrol garage.

Even with all these mishaps, we wouldn’t have changed our first experience of #vanlife. We were able to drive to weird and wonderful places we’d never dreamed of including in our trip such as Wycliff well, Australia’s official home of UFO sightings and Lichfield National Park which contains some of the worlds largest termite mounds. Our van always provided a safe place to sleep and gave us the opportunity to meet some amazing like minded people along the way.

I guess you could say, that’s when we got the ‘#vanlife itch’! 

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