Our Story

Christie and Dom, two adventurous 20 somethings seeking out the road less travelled. We decided to give real life a go for a few years but got itchy feet, so we’ve packed in our jobs, bought a van and are now road tripping around Europe.

We thought we’d start this blog to share some of our stories from the road, as well as an online journal to look back through in years to come. Our love of travelling was first ignited on a 3 month trip around South East Asia, the freedom and excitement of waking up somewhere new each day really inspired us to travel more.

It was less than a year before we were heading out on our next adventure, this time a year travelling Australia, unfortunately our budget didn’t quite stretch to fund the entire trip, so we planned split our time between working and travelling. This is when we got our first taste of #vanlife

We purchased a 1981 Toyota Hiace in Queensland with the idea to drive it pretty much all the way around the country. Coming from tiny England we didn’t quite realise the length of time this would take and after a few days of driving (on what appeared to be the same road) we quickly abandoned this idea. To cut a long story short we eventually made it to Perth, having notched up a few thousand miles, nearly as many breakdowns and countless stories along the way.

Although this first taste of #vanlife wasn’t without it’s difficulties, i.e breaking down in the middle of the Australian Bush, it definitely caught our imagination.

That was back in 2011, now we’re a little older and hopefully a bit wiser so we’re giving it another go, this time with a toilet and shower!